Gary Kaufman a 30 year resident of Lake Tahoe, California often awakes very early to witness the timeless-old ritual of sky painting over the lake with light's natural colors. (Sunrises often being the most colorful moments on the lake). Transferring these natural images to photographs takes patience and the opportunity of being at the right place at the right time. Gary feels that his photographs show a bond with nature. To help him determine the right moments for his photography he is observant of the changing light and meteorological changes. Gary uses no special gels or filters in any of his photography. He considers himself a storm-chaser and his photographs reflect the changing seasons and some very unusual phenomena.

Photography began as an interest in a High School course. Gary has taken advantage of traveling to expand his photography. He has traveled within the United States, Mexico, South America, as well as to Europe. Gary invites anyone interested in his photos to E-Mail